Championing Made in USA Excellence: 
Over 22 Years of Trusted, Authentic Made in USA Certifications

For over two decades, our company has stood at the forefront of certifying the authenticity of Made in USA products and services. As the pioneering entity in this field, we have dedicated ourselves to upholding the integrity of the "Made in USA" claim, a testament to quality and trust that resonates with consumers worldwide. Our journey began over 22 years ago, driven by a commitment to promote and protect the value of products and services genuinely originating from the United States. This commitment has not only fostered consumer confidence but has also supported American businesses in distinguishing their offerings in a global marketplace.

Our expertise is not just in certification; it's in building a legacy of trust and excellence. We are proud holders of the Registered Trademark on "Made in USA Certified," a mark that represents more than just a label—it's a symbol of authenticity, quality, and American craftsmanship. Our range of certifications, including Made in USA, Product of USA, Service in USA, and Grown in USA, cater to a diverse array of industries, from manufacturing to agriculture. Each certification we offer undergoes a rigorous verification process, ensuring that businesses carrying our seal not only meet but exceed the stringent standards set for quality and origin. As the original Made in USA Certification company, we remain committed to elevating the standard for country of origin claims, championing American businesses, and fostering trust among consumers and producers alike. 

CAGE Code: 8JSY1  

Made in USA Certification: 
This certification rigorously verifies that products are entirely or substantially made within the United States, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of American manufacturing quality and origin.

Product of USA Certification: This specialized certification is awarded to products that are sourced and produced within the United States, guaranteeing consumers authentic American quality and craftsmanship.

Service in USA Certification: This certification recognizes services provided within the United States, highlighting businesses that contribute to the American economy through domestic service excellence.

Grown in USA Certification: Dedicated to agricultural and food products, this certification confirms that the items are grown and harvested in the United States, supporting local farmers and ensuring product freshness and quality.